Hire a Trusted Storage Company in Bowling Green, KY

Hire a Trusted Storage Company in Bowling Green, KY

We're thankful for the opportunity to serve our neighbors

Our friendly manager at acorn mini storage in Bowling Green, KY is dedicated to providing amazing customer service as well as keeping your belongings secure in our well kept storage facility.

Are you looking for a local business that offers secure storage solutions? Look no further than Acorn Mini Storage. Bowling Green, KY has been our home for over a decade. During that time, we've built a safe storage facility equipped with security cameras, lighting and fencing.

Need emergency move-in services? Contact a member of our team today to learn about our emergency storage policy.

Humid days can harm your belongings

Residents of Bowling Green, KY are no strangers to high humidity levels. These hot and sticky days can:

  • Attract insects - we hire a pest control company to treat each unit so your belongings stay safe
  • Warp wood - we use temperature-controlled units that are guaranteed to protect your wooden furniture
  • Cause moisture damage - we have humidity-controlled units to store your books, electronics and clothing safely

Rest assured your belongings are safe and easily accessible from drop-off to pickup. Call 270-783-4444 or 270-991-4831 now to learn about our 24-hour storage unit access.